How it works

The Pure Water system pumps pure filtered water up a telescopic pole and out through a brush to clean the glass and frames without leaving streaks or watermarks. Normal tap water is stripped of all chemicals, dissolved salts and particles to make it 100% pure. In Burton on Trent the water is extremely hard with 220 - 360 parts of impurities per million, so we filter it down to zero parts per million to clean with pure natural H2O. Pure water attracts dirt like a magnet, to leave surfaces squeaky clean. Over time clients notice their windows looking brighter for longer as surfaces are left almost sterile. Fortnightly cleans are only necessary for main bus routes, and many clients can reduce cleans to every 8 weeks after a few 4 weekly cleans. The pure water method has many advantages over traditional window cleaning as listed below:


Water Fed Pole cleaning is faster than traditional window cleaning. Better for businesses who don't want cleaning contractors spending hours on Site.


Ladders are involved in 89% of accidents in the work place. The telescopic pure water system needs no ladders and is Health & Safety Compliant for Commercial Sites and all areas.

Stays clean longer:

Windows cleaned with pure water stay clean longer, because surfaces are harder for dust to cling to, whereas soapy detergents leave residue in corners and an invisible film upon the glass that attracts dirt back faster.

Cleans more thoroughly:

Traditional window cleaners only clean the glass, but waterfed poles gently brush the entire window unit to include UPVC frames and sills.

Clean higher:

Waterfed Poles can extend much higher than ladders. So windows that used to require cherrypickers, can be cleaned safely with a pole, as can 3 story town houses which are risky on ladders.

Access all areas:

Cleaning skylights or windows above sloped or flat roof areas are risky for traditional window cleaners, but most are accessible with a water fed pole.

Work in drizzle / rain:

Pure water cleaned windows aren't affected by mild rain at all, but windows cleaned with detergent get streaks drying on the glass, as it blends with raindrops.

Maintain privacy:

Ladders appearing at upstairs windows are intrusive, but pole cleaning means no-one ever sees into windows on floors above ground level.

Services include:

  • Service 1 - Full window cleaning of Office blocks, Commercial buildings.
  • Service 2 - Full conservatory cleans including roof where required.
  • Service 3 - Soffits Fascias and guttering cleaned
  • Service 4 - Gutters cleared/cleaned and minor repairs done where required..
  • Service 5 - Specialist Solar Panel cleaning.

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