Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning

Using pure filtered water through telescopic poles, we clean most external glazed & upvc surfaces including windows & frames, solar panels, conservatories and soffits, guttering and fascias. We clean up to 3 storeys high on commercial buildings and domestic homes; covering all local suburbs within Burton on Trent and surrounding areas within 4 miles of the centre. It just isn't cost effective driving over 8 miles out for small jobs, so we only take on larger Commercial enquiries outside of Burton on Trent.


Director Michael Shorthose


The Major Clean name was inspired by a Military background, where rigorous standards apply. Using properly trained staff with full Public Liability Insurance, we go the extra mile to give customers total confidence. There are generally no ladders used whilst cleaning windows, so no marking lawns, or damage to sills and roof tiles. Privacy is always maintained as no-one sees into windows above ground floor level. So if you're tired of unreliable or careless window cleaners, just call! Respect works both ways, so just as we are always careful to close gates and take care around your delicate plants or ornaments, please clean up after any dogs so that our shoes & hoses don't spread their mess.

Frequency to suit you


Some window cleaners are unreliable, but our automated system highlights the due cleaning date according to frequency YOU specify. Whether it's just once or every 4, 6 or 8 weeks, your windows are done on time, every time.- British weather permitting! If a window dries with streaks, tell us WITHIN 24hrs and we'll clean it again free of charge. A lot can happen over a weekend or 2 days that isn't our fault, so calling us after a storm, or if birds soil a window days later isn't really fair. We won't be drawn into haggling on price as we're not trying to be the cheapest - just the best. If you want to pay less, just use a cheaper firm. Our reviews clearly show that many clients feel we actually undercharge.

Choice of Payment Options


Pay however suits you best: Via our Mobile number using PayM or Pingit, BACS, cash, or Paypal. You can set up a Standing Order for every 2, 4 or 8 weeks, to save finding change, or hiding money around the back. Just relax, knowing your windows are cleaned and paid for at the right time each month. Clients who continually fail to unlock gates, pay promptly, or leave money in agreed spot, despite regular Notice, will not continue to be served, as non payment, and impaired/denied Access, completely wastes our time and effort. We can only deliver great service with your cooperation & respect.

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